Cust Serv: 717-532-8857 | Internet/Phone Tech Support: 866-833-4950



We have a variety of all-digital channels, services, & packages

Call our office @ 717-532-8857 for information



We offer over 50 channels in HD

**HD converters required (we have single & dual tuners available)


VOD (Video on Demand)

Enjoy instant access to hundreds of TV Shows, Movies, Sporting Events, & Special Programming all when you want to watch them!!

**Parental Control Available – See our Manuals page

All KCI Cable packages include Video on Demand and TV Everywhere titles. The number of networks available on VOD depends on your cable subscription. Access Video on Demand by pressing the VOD button on your KCI remote. VOD access requires a KCI converter.




This service is offered through a cable modem using your computer for access

We offer the following internet speeds available:

3 meg / 768k uplink

10 meg / 1 meg uplink

15 meg / 2 meg uplink

25 meg / 3 meg uplink (certain restrictions apply)

50 meg / 5 meg uplink (certain restrictions apply)

75 meg / 5 meg uplink

**  actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed


Your internet connection entitles you to 5 email addresses. You are able to check your email from link on homepage of our website. If you are away and would like to check your email from any computer just go to ( you will need your username and password). We offer 24/7 technical support for our internet & phone customers by calling 1-866-833-4950. To manage email accounts/security information/web space go to:

To check your internet usage go to link on website: “Customer Usage Meter”. You will need your account number (must put all numbers in after franchise number ex. 001-). Also must put in zip code we have on file for your physical address.

To gain access to our internet you will need a cable modem. Modems are readily available in our office for monthly rental (modem or wireless modem) or you can purchase your own modem from most computer supply stores.

Please contact our office @ 1-800-771-7072 or 717-532-8857 for pricing information and any promotions if available.




We offer VOIP Phone Service.  To gain access to this service an MTA is required and available in our office for a monthly rental fee.

Phone service offered:

  • Basic Phone w/60 minutes Long Distance a month
  • Unlimited Phone with unlimited Long Distance

Standard Features included:

  • Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Three Way Calling
  • PLUS additional features!
  • To check phone account information, calling features, & call history please click HERE

** K-3 (Cable, Internet, & Phone) packages available